21 Aralık 2013 Cumartesi

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Dear diary


   Today I got up at seven o'clock.
   Firstly I washed my face and hands.
   Then i wore my school uniform.
   İ had  braekfast with my family.
   I brushed my teeth.
   I went to school by bus.
   When i saw my friends i said 'Hello' to them.
   I had an English exam today.İt was very easy.So i am so happy.
   i had Turkish, maths and Art lesson today.
  İn the lunch time i ate hamburger in the school canteen.
  My best friend Aslı was ill today. i was upset for this.
  My school finished at 3 o'clock.
  After school i came home t 4 o'clock.
  I was very tired after school.
  Firstly I changed my dress.
  I did my homework and studied lesson.
  Tomorrow I have an Turkish exam.
  When my father came home we had dinner in the kitchen.
After dinner I watched television and played computer games.
I drank tea and I ate pop corn.
I brushed my teeth.


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