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İngilizce Atatürk'ün Hayatı

He was born in Selanik in 1881.his mother is mrs  Zübeyde and his father is mr Ali Rıza.Step by step, her graduated from district school,Şemsi Efendy school,Selanik Military School,and Military Academy.In 1893 when he was a student in Military school he take the name ‘’Mustafa Kemal’’ by his mathematic teacher.After he graduated from Military Acedemy as a Captain he afterded to Damascus(Şam).
     He joined to Trablusgarb Battle,Balkan Battles,and World War I.After Ottoman State lost world war he signed Mondros Peace Agreement.According to thus Agreement Ottoman State attecked by enemies,Mustafa Kemal began the National Survive in 19 May 1919 in Samsun Mustafa Kemal was choosen as a Parlement president and Prime Minister in 23 April 1920 by Turkısh Great Public Parlement.Head commandan mission was given to him by  Turkısh Parlement in 5 Agust 1921. Turkısh Army had victory by him Headcommander and he established  Turkish Republic in 29 September 1923.He became first President.

      The surname ‘Atatürk’’ was given to Mustafa Kemal by Turkish Parlement in 1934.By his reforms Turkish Republic became a modern state.He was a soldier,founder,patriot,reformist and the first Turkish President.Unfortunately he dead in 10 October in Dolmabahçe Palece.

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