2 Aralık 2013 Pazartesi

Hayatınızdaki En Kötü Günü İngilizce Olarak Anlatma

         It was Friday when I woke up at 7 a.m. The sun was already bright. I had to be at the bus-stop at the latest 7.15 to reach school by 7.30 a.m. I rushed to the bathroom for a quick wash and turned on the tap. There was no water, it was dry! However, I managed with a pail of water, which my mother had left there the previous night. I quickly dressed myself up and slipped out of my house without mother's knowledge. I knew my mother would be angry for what I had done that day.

           I reached the bus-stop within five minutes. Alas! the bus had gone a few seconds before. I concluded as there were no students at the bus-stop. I had no choice but to call a passing taxi. I was lucky to get one and jumped into it. I cheered up thinking that I would reach school on time. When I put my hand in my pocket to pay for the taxi fare, I was horrified to find the pocket empty. I had no money! "What shall I do?" As the taxi stopped at the gate of my school, I met my form teacher. I explained to him my situation and he was kind enough to help me pay the fare. I was much relieved and ran to the class. I regained my spirit when I found that I had reached school before the bell.

          Then I noticed something peculiar. I was the only student around. "Am I late after all?" I quickened my steps, suddenly I heard a shout "What are you doing here?" I turned back and saw my principal standing in front of me. "Why are you late for school?" When I looked at my watch it showed 7.30 a.m. "I am not, Sir," It is just 7.30 now. I realized then my watch was running ten minutes late. "Your watch doesn't show the correct time, boy; you better hurry to your class now," I blushed at the thought of my blunders and cursed my luck. My teacher reprimanded me for being late for lesson.

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