28 Aralık 2013 Cumartesi

Hayalinizdeki Mesleği İngilizce Tanıtma-Photographer

My dream job is photographer who takes a picture all around the world because I love travel, activity, and taking photos. It is so interesting and exciting thing to me that traveling and taking a picture. When I go on a trip, I feel free;also, I can learn many things to see it. I want to learn through seeing, listening, and feeling. And I really want to communicate feelings and express the emotion through the photo. It is most powerful way to move people's mind and thinking and more strong than write the essay. I want to express my feeling and touching by photos. And I really hope to help people by taking picture. In other words, If I take a poor children's picture in Africa, people might donate for them or more concentrate on their situation. Also, if I take masterpieces, I could sell it at a high price. Then, I can use the money for poor people.
Photographer is really well-matched job for me because I hate the boring work like routine. It is really active and not repeating work. It is not always same that I take a picture even in same place. I get bored easily;so, I have to have active job. I am interested in taking picture. No matter how busy or tired, I'm really happy to take and edit the picture. I'm interested in landscape photo. I want to take the class that I learn about how I can take more beautiful and meaningful photo. Thus, photographer can travel all around the world and I really want to get photos like nothing else on Earth; so, I dream of becoming a photographer.

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