24 Aralık 2013 Salı

Hayalinizdeki Mesleği İngilizce Tanıtma

I want to work in a hospital and take care of newborn babies. Babies are adorable and I have always loved to care for them. Starting from helping my mom with my brother to my current one year old cousin. Mostly I like to feed and play with them while seeing the smile on their faces. I would like to do the same thing for other parents. 
                    One of the main reason I've always wanted to be a doctor is because I would have the ability to help people. In this case it is babies and parents. I'd like to keep the babies happy and healthy while keeping their parents reassured that their baby is in safe hands. It has always been my goal to help people in some way when I'm older. Now I've found the perfect way to do it. All I need is determination, inspiration, and perseverance. I will never give up my dream and I will always have faith in myself.
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