21 Aralık 2013 Cumartesi

Geniş Zamanı Kullanarak Bir Gününü Anlatma

I usually get up 6.30every morning except weekend.First I wash my hands and my face.I have a breakfast with my mother.then I wear my uniform and I put my book to my bag.Then I leaved to house for going to school.I usually go to school by bus.At school I listen my lessons in class.After five hour class,I have a break for one hour.I eat my lunch in canteen.Then I start lessom again for three hour.After the school I go to home with the bus again.At home I get off my uniform and I have a rest for a while.I study my lessons and I do my homework.Then I play computer games.Then I have a dinner with my family.After dinner,I watch TV.Finally I read a book and I go to my bed for sleep.

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