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Gelecek İle İlgili Planlarım -İngilizce

My Future plan

"What will I do for the rest of my life?". Everyone always ask this question at some stage of their life. As a senior in high school, I also ask myself this question too after I graduated from high school. After spending long time with a real destination, I have come up with three plans for my future such as becoming a doctor, getting scholarship to study aboard and helping orphans in my country."A goal without a plan is just a wish.” I think planning is like drawing a map that guides us to the destination we seek. Once we have a map, it will be easier and more efficient to find the way we should take. Also, the map would teach the risk of getting lost in our long journey of life. I realise that some of these plans and goals may change, but with a plan, the start of the journey can begin. 

Becoming a doctor is  my  plan in my future . This idea first came into my mind when I was ten years old. At that time, one thing happened, and it was an unforgettable event for me. My grand mother, who lived with my family, died after she got a heart attack. After suffering from that situation, it makes me feel regretful why there aren't anybody can cure her. If only I had known how to cure her; therefore, my grandmother wouldn't die. Since that day on, I always have a dream of becoming a doctor to help people and my family. In order to study Doctor, the most important subjects that required me to study are chemistry, biology and mathematic. After graduating high school, I will take an entrance exam to study in the university of science and helath which is called red school. Many students want to study in this school so it was utterly competed to study there. To prepare for this journey, I have to be good at with those three subjects. What is more, I have to study French because many documents related to French. 

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