11 Aralık 2013 Çarşamba


                         FOUR LONG MINUTES

          Bill Lamm loved to scuba dive.He loved to be in the deep water.He loved to look at the beautiful plants
and fish.He loved the peace and quiet.
          One Saturday afternoon Bill was scuba diving near the Florida coast.He was looking at some beautiful 
fish.Suddenly,the water pulled him down.Bill tried to swim up.The water pulled him down again.
          Bill looked down and saw a huge pipe;it was about 4.9 meters across.The pipe was on the ocean floor.
The water was pulling Bill into the pipe! Again,Bill tried to swim up.Again,the water pulled him down.

          A few seconds later,Bill was inside the pipe.The water was still pulling him.Where was he going? What
was at the end of the pipe?
          Then Bill remembered:There was a nuclear power plant nearby.The pipe went to the nuclear power plant!
What was at the end of the pipe? Probably a pump.
          For four long minutes,Bill was in the pipe.He could see nothing.Everything was black.Then Bill saw 
something blue.What was it? What was at the end of the pipe? It was blue sky! Bill was out of the pipe.He was in
a pool of water at the nuclear power plant.Luckily,there was no pump at the end of the pipe.There was only a pool
of water.
          A worker at the nuclear power plant pulled Bill out of the water.Bill had a few cuts on his legs and 
arms,but he was not really hurt.
          Bill has a new hobby now.He doesn't scuba dive.He collects stamps.

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