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Emre Altuğ'un İngilizce Hayatı

İngilizce Performans Ödevi

         Emre Altug was born in Levent, Beşiktaş, Istanbul as the second son to a housewife mother and dentist father. He graduated in Theatrical Studies from the State Conservatory ofIstanbul University. He acted on stage in various plays and sang backing vocals to such established artists like Sezen Aksu, Sertab Erener, Levent Yüksel or Nilüfer, before his first album, entitled İbreti Alem (A Lesson to Everyone) was released in August 14, 1999. In July 2000 he sang a song called Bir de bana sor (Ask Me, Too) for Melih Kıbar's album entitled Yadıgar. The song became a huge hit with radio stations. His second album, Sıcak (Hot) was released in March 3, 2003. In the meantime he appeared in commercials, television films and feature films, like Kolay Para (Easy Money). His third album, Dudak Dudağa (Lip to Lip) came out in 2004, followed by Sensiz Olmuyor (Won't Work Without You) a year later. The song, which the album was named after, became the theme song of a television series that was given the same title (Sensiz Olmuyor) and in which Emre played the leading character. The series was aired on Show TV. In June 12, 2007 he released his latest album Kişiye Özel (Personal).
Emre Altug is planning to release an English album, for which he traveled to the U.S. and is about to start working with Mark Feist and Damon Sharpe (who have worked with such artists like Anastacia or Jennifer Lopez and are the producers and co-writers of the charity song Come Together Now), who found Emre's voice outstanding and have already started to work on four songs with him.
He has been married to Turkish model Çağla Şikel since August 2008.
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