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Bir Öğretmenle İngilizce Röportaj Ödev Örneği

General Teaching Questions

1.  Tell us a bit about yourself.

2.  Why do you want to teach in this particular school?

3.  Tell us a little about your teaching experiences.

4.  Why did you decide to become a teacher?

5.  What age/grade do you enjoy working with the most?  Why?

Management and Discipline Questions

6.  Describe your classroom management philosophy.

7.  What kinds of consequences are appropriate for misbehavior in your classroom?

8.  How do you use positive reenforcement in your classroom?

9.  What rules do you have for your classroom? 

10.  What would you do if you do if a student was no handing in homework on a regular basis?

11.  What would you do if a student says, "I hate this class."

12.  What would you do if the entire class began dropping pencils on the floor at the same time?

13.  Do you keep a plan book?  What does it look like?

14.  Why will students respect you?

Assessments, Standardized Tests, and Meeting Standards

15.  What do you do to ensure that you're teaching to the state/national standards?

16.  How do you prepare students for standardized tests or state tests?

17.  How do you assess student performance in your classroom?

18.  Describe your grading policies.

19.  Describe how you might assess a student's higher-order thinking skills.

20.  What's the difference between "teaching to the test" and adequately preparing students for an test?

All About you

21.  What are your strengths?

22.  What are your weaknesses?

23.  What unique skills do you have that will enhance our school?

24.  Why do you consider yourself an above average teacher?

25.  Where do you hope to be 10 years from now?


26.  If I were to walk into your classroom on a typical afternoon, what would I see?

27.  How do you use cooperative learning in your classroom?

28.  Describe a game you might play with students that would help them learn information in a fun way.

29.  Describe how you might decorate the bulletin boards in your classroom.

30.  Describe the ideal classroom environment.

Meeting the Needs of Students

31.  How would you implement differentiated instruction?

32.  How can you ensure you're meeting the needs of a special education student?

33.  If you had a student who was extremely gifted, what could you do with him or her?

34.  How can you teach to a large group of children with very different needs and abilities?

35.  What would you do if you taught a concept and 60% of the class understood it fully and the other 40% was completely lost?


36.  How do you integrate technology into your teaching?

37.  Do you think it is appropriate for students to access the Internet in school?  If so, how do you monitor this?

38.  How do you think technology will change the way we teach in the next 20 years?

39.  Do you consider yourself a computer-literate person?  Why or why not?

40.  Give an example of a lesson that you've done with students that involved the use of computers.

Communication with Parents and Administration

41.  How do you communicate with parents?

42.  How would you handle an upset parent?

43.  Under what circumstances is it appropriate to call a parent?

44.  Imagine you have a student who fails a particular subject because of a learning disability.  The student tried very hard, but could not succeed.  How would you communicate the reasons for the low grade on a report card?

45.  In what ways would you communicate with the principal?

Questions about homework

46.  How much homework do you give each night?

47.  Do you think homework is beneficial.  Why or why not?

48.  What kinds of assignments should be given for homework?

49.  Give an example of a large project you might assign for homework?

50.  If a student refuses to hand in homework assignments day after day, what will you do?

The final question at almost every interview is... Do you have any questions for us?

Some questions YOU might ask the interviewers:

-  Why do you think your school is so highly regarded among members of the community?

-  What are the strengths of this school?

-  What are you most proud of at this school?

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