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Domestic animals live near people. They live on a farm or in a house. They give us food and they keep us company. Some animals live on land and some animals live in the water.

Animals are different. Some animals are very big and some are very small. Some animals have two legs. Animals can have for legs, six legs, eight legs, no legs or lots of legs!

People, animals and plants are living things. Living things are born, they grow, they eat, they reproduce and they die.

Oviparous animals are born from eggs. Viviparous animals are born from the mother’s womb.

Herbivores eat plants. Carnivores eat meat. Omnivores eat meat and plants.

Birds are born from eggs. Birds have wings, feathers and a beak. Their bodies are covered with feathers.

Mammals are born from their mother’s womb. Their bodies are covered with hair.

Reptiles are born from eggs and they crawl. Their bodies are covered with scales.

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