27 Aralık 2013 Cuma

Alex de Souza İngilizce Hayatı

Position: Midfielder

Date of birth:
Place of birth: Curitiba/PR
Height: 1.75 m
Weight: 73 kg

General Information:
 Alex de Souza is no doubt one of the best players who have played for the club. The Brazilian international player was signed for a fee of 5 Million Dollars from Cruzeiro in 2004. Fans went crazy at his arrival and still possess the excitement for him, which he creates with a sublime skill on the football field.
The attacking midfielder has exceptional passing skills and a wicked left foot that’s punished many keepers over the years. Alex’s use of dead balls has also added to our team’s threats.
In the football season 2006/2007 Alex is named as the top scorer of the league with his 19 goals he scored during the season. He became the third foreign footballer in Turkey who has won this honour.

After captaining and leading Brazil to the Copa America trophy in 2004, Alex has been the captain of Fenerbahce since the beginning of the football season 2007 / 2008. With his skills and personality, Alex deserves the highest of honours in football.

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