7 Mart 2014 Cuma

Aile Bireylerinin Burçlarını İngilizce Olarak İfade Etme

Hello!My birthday is in july.I am a leo.I am forceful .I like to be in the centre.I am not selfish.I am generous.I like helping poor people.I am so clever and hardworking.I am sportive and I like doing sports.

        My father's birthday is in June.He is a Cancer.He is very sensitive and he is loyal to his friends.He doesn't like travelling he likes staying at home.He doesn't like new technologies.He likes living in the past.He is very clever and hardworking.He hates lazy people.

My mother's birthday is in January. She is a Aquarius.She is intelligent and intensive.She is full of unusual ideas.She likes talking with her friends and meeting with them.She is very friendly.She doesn't like money.She is very honest and reliable.She is not an angry person.She is very understanding.

My sister's birthday is in August.She is a Virgo. She is very careful and thorough.She is very responsible and she likes doing her works on time.She is very panctuall.She is a bit romantic.She likes watching romantic movies.She likes tnings to be perfect.She is a tidy girl.She is very harworking.She always does her homework on time.

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