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Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer

In the last fifty years our everyday life has known a very remarkable development in fact the use of computers technologies became indispensable. This excessive use of it has permitted a considerable growth in different fields, study & research and industry. But it renders the human factor less creative, more dependants and it is not friable one hundred per cent.
First people frequently use computer technologies in their everyday life for instance TV, cars, wok, cash dispenser, Smartphone, etc. This entire product is the fruit of the IT revolution. Second students and researchers are an important category of IT users. They rely on the help of it for performing their analyze, data processing of experience. In astronomy for example modern telescope are link to powerful computers and integrate a worldwide network to permit to searcher to share their results and well discus theories. Third without computer industry will become less developed so modern industry is judge about the level of development of IT technologies. The use of the information source, modern industry are based on technical factor permit the development of industry and offer more opportunities to improve the quality and the friability of the product also it rise the quantity of production .

In the other hand this global use brings some negative point because people are becoming more and more dependent on IT technologies. In some cases when one machine is broken the work is hanging because employees cannot replace the machine. Unfortunately this dependence involved the negligence of human factor .For instance many companies delivered there workers because a machine is less exigent and more productive than human factor because when computer do the work it less expensive and it reduce the price of the product. In addition to that machine is more precise than man work. Besides that there are a new phenomena witch is the risk of hacking and virus electronics. This last threat data upload in the network .Banks are the perfect target of hackers who stole account of the bank customers. 

To reduce the negative points and improve the positive points . The use computer technologies should be rational in particular we have to focus on positive points and ameliorate them. Companies should develop the human factor who supervise machine. Because the employee is the first responsible on the computer which cannot assume the responsibility .So the most important thing that we should not forget is that computer is just an machine which is a tool to facilities our life.

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