15 Kasım 2013 Cuma

Yaz Tatilinde Yaptıklarını İngilizce Olarak Anlatma

Last summer I went on the beach.At the sea, the beach was so shiny, and the sun was up in the sky. Everybody was happy to be there. I went with a couple of crazy friends. We went swimming, and dancing, all the night, and I got to say that we know how to party. They’re like some party animals. The worm nights, the cool breeze in our faces, when we’re staring at the stars, and look at the moon, was so beautiful. I got tan a little bit more than the rest of my friends, because I fall asleep, but it is not that bad. But in my summer vacation, I was working. I found a good job there, as store seller. In the day I was working, but in the night, I was parting. With the money raised in my summer vacation, I could afford to buy that new laptop I always wished for.

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