1 Ocak 2014 Çarşamba

Teknolojik Aletlerin İngilizce Tanıtımı-Radio

Radio is one of the most wonderful gifts of science. Radio sets are very popular. They can be found in every home. It has made us feel the world small.
It helps us in sending news and message without wires. We can enjoy news, music, songs etc. from different part of the world through it sitting in our houses.
We also get lessons on radio at school. The programmes are broadcast all the twenty four hours from radio. Film songs and children programmes are of much interest.
Radio is also a powerful means of teaching. In short the radio is of great use and interest to all of us. Now we have pocket radios which are very convenient to carry.

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  1. 1. He hasn’t been in space ______ two years.
    (a) for (b) since (c) ago
    2. The criminal hasn’t been in jail______2010.
    (a) for (b) since (c) ago
    3 . I haven’t eaten watermelon ____ weeks.
    (a) for (b) since (c) ago
    4. Mary made lots of money at the sale two weeks _________.
    (a) for (b) since (c) ago
    5. I haven’t heard Mexican music _____I was a little girl.
    (a) for (b) since (c) ago


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