21 Kasım 2013 Perşembe

Should Örnek Cümleleri

I should see a doctor. >>>
You should wear yellow – it suits you. >>>
You should take a rest. >>>
She should take some vitamins. >>>
I should drive slowly. It’s raining. >>>
We should arrive by nine o’clock. >>>
He should eat more. He is very thin. >>>
My father should start exercising. >>>
You shouldn’t drive fast. >>>
He shouldn’t do things like that. >>>
Cate shouldn’t watch television much. >>>
We shouldn’t come early. >>>
She shouldn’t talk here. >>>
You shouldn’t walk in rain. >>>
Your mother shouldn’t smoke. >>>
Granddad shouldn’t eat much meat. >>>
Should I apologize to him? >>>
Why should I help him – he never helps me? >>>
Should we sent this letter now? >>>
Where should I put this suitcase? >>>
Should she clean her room? >>>
Why shouldn’t she buy it? >>>
Shouldn’t you be at school? >>>

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