12 Kasım 2013 Salı

My Favourite TV Cartoon Programme

Of all the TV cartoon programmes I watch, I enjoy most the one with funny little blue men called, 'The Smurfs'. This is a weekly show with a colourful background of green woods, flowers, butterflies, birds and squirrels.
These small blue creatures, the Smurfs, have, as their leader, Papa Smurf, a good character. They help unfortunate creatures including outsiders in difficult situations. Then, there's Smurfette, a lovely girl Smurf with a delightful voice, helpful and ladylike in all her ways. Next, we have Baby Smurf, a truly lovable character whose language is cute and adorable and it is a pleasure to watch her and listen to her baby language.
The scenes are set mainly outdoors in pretty surroundings in the woods with lots of trees, flowers, ponds, hills, waterfalls and rivers which delight the eye.
Most fairy tales have giants, witches or monsters, and 'The Smurfs' is of no exception. There is Gargamelle, a wicked, ugly wizard, cruel to the Smurfs whom he plans to catch and imprison. Many a time, the Smurfs escape his cruel clutches and are free. His cat, Azriel, is a wild and unpleasant creature making eerie sounds and mewing. He and Gargamelle are always punished for their misdeeds and wickedness.
I enjoy this programme as I find it amusing and entertaining especially with its beautiful scenery. Besides, the Smurfs are a lovable lot.

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