5 Kasım 2013 Salı

İngilizce Olarak Boş Vakitlerinde Yaptıklarını Anlatma

Free time activities

My number one interest is playing sports. I like playing every sport, especially, tennis. Of course, I have two tennis rackets and a tennis ball. Behind my house, there is tennis court. In my free time, I like playing tennis with my sister or my brother, but sometime I play with my father because he like playing It very much. He says that tennis is a fashionable sport for young people or old people. Besides playing sports, I also like going for a walk with my friends. We usually go for a ride to remote villages to get fresh air and wonderful views in the countryside. Usually I don't have a lot of free time during the weekdays. However, I have a lot of spare time at the weekend, and on Saturday and Sundays, there are good programmes on every channel, so sometimes I watch telly at home with some biscuits. I really enjoy my free time very much

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