13 Kasım 2013 Çarşamba

İngilizce Olarak Bir Mesleği Tanıtma-Postman

The postman provides a valuable service to our community. He is a familiar figure around as he can be seen daily in our neighbourhood.
He wears a grey uniform and a helmet and uses a scooter to go on his rounds of delivery. He carries in his. bag letters, postcards, bills, receipts and notices regarding parcels. This is a difficult job for he has to deliver the mail whether it shines or rains. Sometimes, thoughtless people leave their dogs loose and the animals chase and even bite the postman.
To most of us, the postman is a welcome sight, for he often brings us letters from our friends and relatives in other towns or from overseas. Some people wait for the postman daily to get news of their loved ones. This is especially true for parents with children studying overseas for the postman becomes the link between them and their children. This shows how important the service of the postman is.
Business letters are delivered to firms, government departments, banks and offices. This should help us to understand that the postman plays a very important role in the business world as well.

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