16 Kasım 2013 Cumartesi

İngilizce Olarak Ailedeki En Sevdiğin Kişiyi Tanıtma

There are 4 members in my family other than me. I have good relation with all of my family members but my favorite person in the family is my brother. I like my brother a lot because he is not only my brother, but also my friend.
The strange thing is that approximately 3 years ago I used to think that he is my enemy because he always made fun of me, but one thing happened in my life which changed my opinion about him. The thing is that I needed money for my business and asked my father for the initial investment. My father said that my ideas would not develop into a viable a business so he rejected my request. I was very worried, and to everyone’s surprise my brother came to my rescue. I never expected this thing from him. He sold his car to give the money for the business. That day I realized that he loved me a lot because when everyone gave up on me he was the only one who helped me.
I mostly play cricket with him. We have been playing cricket for the last 10 years. I really have fun when we play cricket with each other. The only thing which I do not like is that he starts cheating whenever he realizes that he is going to lose the match. Other than that we live in the same house so we are together in most of the family events and occasions.

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