19 Kasım 2013 Salı

İngilizce Hayvan Tanıtımı-Tiger

The tiger is the fiercest and cruelest of all the wild beasts. It is a very strong and ferocious animal. It lies in ambush and suddenly springs upon its prey. It is fond of blood and flesh. It carries off cows, goats and dogs from villages. Sometimes it kills men.
The tiger belongs to the cat family. It looks like a big cat. It has a long tail. It is generally eight to twelve feet long, and three to four feet high. Its body is of brown colour, with black stripes across it. There are also spotted tigers. Unlike the lion, the tiger has no mane. Its padded feet have sharp claws, and its teeth are very sharp. There are four teeth, two in the upper jaw and two in the lower, which are much larger and longer than the rest. They are meant for seizing the prey.
Tigers are generally found in the jungles of Sunderbans m West Bengal, Assam, Tripura, and Central India. In African jungles also, there are big size tigers. .
Tiger-hunting is a very dangerous sport. Indian princes and noblemen hunt tigers riding on trained elephants. Ordinary people apply various ways in killing them. They generally lay traps and the animal ignorantly fall in them to be caught by men.
In India, tiger-killing has been prohibited by the Government. Tiger's skin is very costly in the foreign market. A kind of pain-killing balm is made from the bones of the tiger. Of all the tigers in the world, the tigers of Sunderbans are the most beautiful.

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