19 Kasım 2013 Salı

İngilizce Hayvan Tanıtımı-Camel

The camel is a big and useful animal. It has a small head, long neck, long slender legs, and a large stomach in which it stores large quantity of water so that it can move a long distance without water. It has a hump on its back. A camel is generally found in lands where there are deserts.
It is called 'the ship of the desert". Its feet are shooed with pads just a kind of shoes for walking upon hot sand. The men in the desert ride on its back drink its milk and eat its flesh. Fine brushes are made from its hair.
The camel is a beast of burden. It can travel from thirty to thirty-five miles a day with a load, and sixty to eighty miles without a load. It does not feel hungry or thirsty from such long journeys. Camels live on herbs. But when they are very hungry, they will eat almost everything they can find- bones, skin, fish, even a blanket.
The camel is a gentle animal. It is very hardy and is known for it's patience and endurance. It is very fond of its master. The Arabs regard it as a sacred animal.

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