4 Kasım 2013 Pazartesi

İngilizce Bilgisayarın Yararları ve Zararları Nedir

İngilizce Bilgisayarın Yararları ve Zararları Nedir


1. It can potentially destroy your social life and interactions with humans if you do not maintain the balance.
2. It may effect to the destruction of your eye sight due to radiation.
3. It may cause pimples and wrinkles.
4. It may damage your studies and life.
5. Too much time in front of monitor may adverse effect your eye sight and can also make you fat.
6. The way it distracts and can deviate our thoughts and activities towards unproductive activities.
7. It could cause violation of privacy impact on labor force health risks impact on environment distraction from work and possible antisocial influences.
8. getting away from their real life and getting into bad lines 

1. It helps you automate various tasks that you can not do manually.
2. It helps you organize your data and information in a better way.
3. It has much more computing and calculating power then an ordinary human.
4. It may help your work to be a lot easier.
5. It may be the storage of your important data and files.
6. It may be your handy book.
7. It may help you solve problems faster than an ordinary human being can do.
8. It has speed storage reliability consistency and communications.
9. It helps you to find useful information using the Internet.
10. It helps in businesses factories offices schools and homes.

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