17 Kasım 2013 Pazar

Hobilerden Bahsetme-Kite Flying

A hobby is an interesting thing. It gives great joy. It makes life lively. It is something done in spare time. It is not done for money.
Kite-flying is my hobby. I like it very much. I have a good collection of kites.
There are kites of many shapes and sizes. They are of many colours.
Kites are made of thin paper and bamboo strips, a special string is used in flying-kites. It is a popular hobby. Kite flying matches are held at the sea-beach.
On Sundays I fly kites. I do it from the top-roof of my house. It is very delightful to see kites flying in the clear, blue sky. It soothes our eyes.
Sometimes I go to the river-front with my friends. There we enjoy kite-flying. Many elderly people also come there. They are skilled kite-fliers.
Gardening is my hobby. There is a beautiful garden in my house. I have divided this garden into two parts.
In one part I grow flowers of different varieties. I look after the plants and water them daily.
I keep the spot neat and clean. I have four plants of tomatoes in my garden. Daily
I pluck two or three tomatoes and eat them raw. They are very tasty.
My garden is very useful to me. I use my pocket-money for my hobbies.

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