10 Kasım 2013 Pazar

Hafta Sonu Yaptıklarını İngilizce Olarak Anlatma

How I spent the weekend

Nothing extraordinary happened last weekend. It was just like any other ordinary weekend.I got up later than usual on Saturday morning. After breakfast I went over to my friend Arul's house and spent some time reading comics there. Arul has tons of comics. His father buys the latest for him. Being his friend, I get to read them too.
We read comics till lunch-time. Then I went home, had lunch and took an afternoon nap. Taking an afternoon nap is a pleasure that I can indulge in only on weekends. On weekdays I do not have time for it.The rest of the afternoon I helped my father in the garden uprooting weeds and trimming the hedge. We continued until darkness fell. After that I had my bath and dinner. After dinner I watched television until it was time for bed.

I got up late too on Sunday morning. For breakfast I had cornflakes with milk while listening to the radio. Then I spent the rest of the morning doing homework.
Again I took a nap after lunch. Then I finished up my homework.
By the time I was done with the homework it was already evening. So I took a strollaround the neighborhood. It was a great feeling to be able to relax after all the homework had been done.
After dinner, I packed my books in my bag and went to bed early. I had to get enough sleep otherwise I would fall asleep in school the next day. Thus ended yet another weekend.

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