13 Kasım 2013 Çarşamba

Geçmiş Zamanı Kullanarak Bir Anıyı Anlatma

When I first learnt to ride a bicycle, I felt excited. That evening, I went on my own around the neighbourhood. After a while, I decided to go to my friend's house for a game of badminton.
On my way there, however, I was chased by a fierce dog. I pedalled as fast as I could but it sprang at me and caught my leg. I shouted and fell off my bicycle. My knees were bruised and I was badly shaken.
An Adventure on a Bicycle
Fortunately, the dog let go of my leg, but, before I could ride again, it sprang once more at me and barked. Nervously, I managed to get on the saddle after which I rode off without looking back. Much to my relief, the dog soon gave up chasing me. But, by then, I was too tired to play badminton. So, after a short rest at my friend's house, I left for home, taking another route this time. Half way home, I had a puncture and had to push my bicycle all the way.
Finally, I reached home, feeling exhausted after the evening's adventure on a bicycle.

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