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Boşanmanın Çocuklar Üzerindeki Etkileri-İngilizce

In today’s fast world almost every fourth marriage is ending up with divorce. Divorce is a new trend. Many married couples decide to divorce for many reasons such as post marital affair, a struggle in the marriage, loss of romantic feelings, and so on.
People are losing patience and they end up taking divorce for the sake of their freedom, what many fails to understand is the effects of divorce on children. Children are the one suffering the most from divorce. There is an instant fifty-percent reduction in the amount of love and care and affection , and in some case the reduction may be more than half as their father or mother whomever they chose to live with are emotionally broken. And are unable to love and care their child the way they did earlier.
“I had a really good childhood up until I was nine, then a classic case of divorce really affected me.” – Kurt Cobain
Every second family getting a divorce has kids. The effect of divorce on children depends on a lot of factors such as age, gender and it even depends upon the number of siblings they have. Divorce taken at the time when the kid is very young has drastic effects.
Divorce may lead to change of home, school, daily routine and in some cases it may lead to change in financial status. After divorce a child doesn’t feel full, he loses his perfect family, and now lives in a broken family. He feels lonely and sad.
Sometime moving to a new school , environment and making new friends completely depresses a child, he misses his old friends, home and the comfort zone which he never thought he have to leave.
Children having divorced parents might be emotionally unstable, they are scared and feel their parents will leave them also one day. Because his parents also loved each other and still they divorced each other similarly one day both might abandon him as well. They generally have low self-esteem, and fail to focus on the positive aspect of life. Losing a mother or father seem like an end to them. They lack life perception and self- actualization. They forget to remain happy and are unable to enjoy life, even at the time of holidays. They badly miss all the good moments shared together with their father and mother. Nothing can be done no matter how much a parent try to love them and try to protect them from the effect of divorce, only time can heal the pain.
Therefore, before going for divorce, it is advised to parents to think twice, why not give one more chance to their marriage for the sake of their children. Many children stopping believe in marriage seeing their parents’ marriage didn’t work.

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