25 Kasım 2013 Pazartesi

Bir Ünlü İle İngilizce Röportaj-Julian Casablancas

F: What’s your full name?
J: My full name is only Julian Casablancas.
F: Who are your parents? Are they famous too?
J: My father is John Casablancas, owner of the “Elite Model Menagement” and my mother is Jeanette Chistiansen, a top model who was Denmark Miss in 1965.
F: Where are you from?
J: New York.
F: How old?
J: I’m 31.
F: Where did you study?
J: As long as my parents divorced I was sent to “Institut Le Rosey” due to a alcoholic problem, there I met Nikolai Fraiture and Albert Hammond Jr. Later I studied at Dwight School, where I met Nick Valensi and Fabrizio Moretti.
F: Why did you guys decided to perform as “The Strokes”?
J: I was a fan of the “Velvet Underground”, until today people compare our way to sing.
F: Are you the same person in both stage and day by day?
J: Well, far away from beer, yuppies and crowd, I’m not the “true” rockstar, you know? I’m quite a quiet, and I can even say, a shy person. And until today I don’t deal with the media knowing about my personal life.
F: How do you deal with the “Salvation Of Rock” title?
J: I just want to rock, man.
F: Your fans are waiting for a new work, a new album which didn’t appear this year, what are your expectations about the next year? Are you going to realease a brand new album?
J: We’re in non-determined vacation.
F: One last question, Julian. Do you have any funny history about any show, any situation to tell us?
J: One day we were playing in a concert in Los Angeles. So I was so excited that I had the awful idea of singing between the crowd. I’ll never forget that terrible day in Universal Ampitheater, I was gone! The security and my partners were getting concerned about me, and there I was! Almost without clothes and without the mic screaming “Yeah! I love you guys too! But get your f*** hands off me!”.
F: Thanks a lot Julian.

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