25 Kasım 2013 Pazartesi

Bir Ünlü İle İngilizce Röportaj-Joanna Noelle Levesque

B4 – Interview a famous person
1-What‘s your first name?
R: My name’s Joanna Noelle Levesque.
2-What’s your nickname?
R: My nickname is Jojo.
3-How old are you?
R: I’m 17 years old
4-What’s your birthday?
R: My birthday is on 20 December, 1990.
5-What’s your occupation?
R: I’m an actress and a singer.
6-Where are you from?
R: I’m from Vermont in the United States.
7-Can you play the guitar?
R: No, I can’t
8- What’s your favorite kind of music?
R: My favorite music is pop.
9-What was your first movie?
R: My first movie was Aquamarine.
10-What’s the address of your site?
R: The address of my site is JoJoOnline.com

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