25 Kasım 2013 Pazartesi

Bir Ünlü İle İngilizce Röportaj-Gisele Bundchen.

My interview is with Gisele Bundchen.
1)What´s your first and last name?
My first name is Gisele and last name is Bundchen.
2)what´s your nickname?
My nickname is Gisa.
3)How old are you?
I am 27 years old.
4)What do you do?
I am a Top Model.
5)what´s your nationality?
I´m from Brazil.
6)what´s your favorite kind of music?
My favority kind of music is hip-hop and Latin.
7)where do you live?
I live in New York.
8)what is your e-mail address?
My e-mail is giselecarolina_bundchen@hotmail.com
9)where were you born?
I was born in Rio Grande do Sul.
10)what do you eat for breakfast?
I eat coffee,orange juice,bread,milk,banana,grapes and apple for breakfast.

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