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The Life Of A Taxi Driver

Mr Selim is more than fifty years old. He has been a taxi driver for more than fifteen years now. Before he was a taxi driver, he was working as a pedlar on the streets, selling goods in a push-cart. But that was thirty years ago. With the rapidly changing times, the business soon died out because more people set up shops instead. Mr Selim choose to invest his savings in a taxi.
          Being a taxi driver has its good and bad days. Mr Selim hates it when he has difficult customers. Sometimes, when he is on the mid-night shift, he gets unruly passengers who are drunk. They give him wrong addresses and then shout at him for not bringing them to the correct destination. Once he picked up a drunk passenger who actually vomited in his taxi. He was furious at that passenger and he asked the drunkard's friend to clean up the mess.

        Not all days are that bad though because Mr Selim emembers how he once helped a disabled person get into his taxi. She was in her wheelchair, so Mr Selim elped her out. He folded the chair and put it in the boot of the taxi. The passenger was so glad that she gave Mr Selim a handsome reward.
        Mr Selim does not mind driving his taxi around the whole day. Sometimes he drives for eight hours with just ten minutes of coffee break in between to relax. Driving takes him from one end of İstanbul to the other. This makes interesting sightseeing for him.

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