16 Kasım 2013 Cumartesi

Aile Bireylerini İngilizce Olarak Tanıtma-Father

My father's name is Shri K.C. Gupta. He is the head of our small and happy family. He is forty-two years of age but looks much younger. He is the only earning member in our family. He is a professor in University.
My father's income is very good. But he is an honest man. He is very popular in his University. My father is a very good person. My father takes keen interest in our studies.
My father is very religious. He is very kind-hearted. He is always ready to help the needy and poor. I am very proud of having such a nice father. He is a much respected person. A certain portion of his income is spent in charity. Last year he bought a set of text books and other helping books for a classfellow of mine who happens to be an orphan. His love, help and guidance is the great source of strength to me. I love him profoundly. I always pray for his long life and good health. He commands a good respect among his friends and students. I love him very much.

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