21 Ekim 2013 Pazartesi

İngilizce Röportaj performans ödevi-sezen aksu

Hi, at first we want to know about you. Do you tell us about you briefly?
I am Sezen Aksu, I was born on 13th July in 1954 in Denizli. I live in Istanbul now.

Well, Is Sezen Aksu your real name?
No, My real name is Fatma Sezen Yıldırım.

When did your music career begin and how?
it began in 1970 and I was sixth at "Golden Voice" competition of "Weekend" magazine.

Why do they name "Tiny Sparrow"?
I think, because I took a part in the film named "Tiny Sparrow".

Have you any daughter or son?
Yes, I have a son and his name is Mithat Can

How old is your son?
He is thirty-one years old.

You know, many artists make a show programme on TV. Have you ever also a show program?
Yes, I have made a show programme on Kanal 6 in 1991. 

Have you ever participate Eurovision?
Yes, I have.

Do you tell us about it?
Of course, I decided to participate elimination of Eurovision in Turkey in 1983, but I couldn't succeed and I decided to participate it again 1984 and I failed in elimination of Turkey again. At last I decided to participate it again in 1985 and I failed in elimination of Turkey one more time. I have never participate Erovision elimination since then.

Have you ever given a concert abroad?
Yes, especially I gave many concerts in Switzerland and in USA

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