21 Ekim 2013 Pazartesi

ingilizce olarak yaz tatilini anlatma

Last year my family and I went to Antalya for summer holiday.we went to antalya by our car.we stayed in a beautiful hotel for a 5 days.antalya was so hot and sunny.we always went to bed so late and got up late.every morning my father and I swam in the sea.My mother also liked antalya very much.We visited historical places for example aspendos theatre,karain mağarası(cave).there was alot of tourists and ı spoke english with them.one day we were swimming in the sea. suddenly a women shouted help me help me she was in the sea but she couldn't swim.my father started to swim towarts to her and saved her.it was so different day for us.our holiday was so nice.next year we will go there again.

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