21 Ekim 2013 Pazartesi

İngilizce kendini tanıtma

I was born in Tekirdağ in nineteen ninety four. I spoke for the first time when I was two. I used to be a naughty boy. Uğur was my best buddy and he was a year older than me. My childhood passed with playing football. I could have been considered as a hyperactive boy. I went to "İlk Kurşun - Fatih" elementary and "Gazi Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK" middle schools. I was succesful at the elementary and middle school courses. My favourite class was social studies. My favourite teacher was Ali Kırdaş, who was also my social studies teacher. My best friend in school, also my deskmate, was Tolgahan. Unfortunately we separated from each other as we were registered in different highschools. 

My mother's name is xxxx and my father's is xxxx. Furthermore, I have a sister too. Her name is xxxx. My mother is a housewife and my father is a retired army officer. My sister is a college student at her third year. We are a happy family.I have two aunts and three uncles. Unfortunately my grandmother and grandfather have passed away. I miss them a lot. I enjoy playing computer games, reading books and watching tv on my spare times. MY favourite computer game is "World of Warcraft" and my favourite book is "Lord of the rings series". The film I like the most is "Braveheart" and in TV series it's "Dexter". My favourite course nowadays is physics and my best friend is Samet. He is a fan of the Lord of the rings and a wow player just like me. Sadly, he moved to Ankara last year but we keep in touch with each other via telephone and internet. I miss him. I want to be a lawyer someday because I like that profession.

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