21 Ekim 2013 Pazartesi

en iyi arkadaşını ingilizce olarak tanıtma performans ödevi

My friend 1:
Her name is Semiha. She is average height and she has blond. She works in a store. Her store’s name Seven Eleven. She is a cashier. The store in Patchouge.
She’s very stronger. She works every time. She want to learn English.
She likes read and listen to Turkish music. She likes shop. We go to mall every weekend. She likes wear good.
She likes read a books. She’s adventurist. I like her’s aims.

My friend 2:
Her name is İlayda. She is Turkish girl. She’s live in the Turkey.
She is my friend’s doughter. She’s a tall and thin. She has  long brown hair. She doesn’t work because she’s a student. She’s go to  secondary school.
She’s very prety and sweet. I like her. She’s emotional but very smart. She studys her lessons every day.  She likes to read books. She want a teacher.
If her mother say her anything, she do quickly. Her mother love her very much because of this

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