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7.sınıf ingilizce Unit-14 Ecology

Unit-14  Ecology
1.Which one is not a natural danger?
a-earthquake        b-erosion
c-volcanes             d-species

2.What happens if we don’t protect the ecology?
a-The climate changes.
b-There will be more soil.
c-There will be more animals.
d-We must protect fauna.

3.Which one is not an organization to protect the ecology?
a-TEMA                b-Green Peace
c-Wild World Fund     d-Unicef

4.Reorder the life cycle of a plant.

a-The plant grows.                   (    )
b-The plant gives flowers.        (    )
c-The seed grows.                    (    )
d-The fruit gives seeds.          (    )
e- The plant dies.                     (    )
f- The plant produces fruit.     (    )

bigger- protect -soil-grow up-grass-earthquakes-afraid of –turned into- smaller

Fill in the blanks with those words.
a-Babies _______quickly.
b-The ugly frog _______a handsome prince.
c-I’m _______ insects.
d-_______,erosions,volcanoes are natural dangers.
e-Cows eat _______and they drink water.
f-Plants get food from _______and water.
g-_______animals eat _______animals.
h-We have to _______environment.


All the animals in an area: _______
All the plants in an area: _______

Complete with “ in – without – about
1-People can not live _______water.
2-We often talk ____our future plans with my friends at school.
3-I put the eggs _____the box carefully.
4-What do you think ____ Dyned?

***************-E-*******************– But- Because

1-My brother can’t go to school _____ he was ill.
2-I want to see Capadocia _____Pamukkale.
3-He must go to the dentist _____he doesn’t have any time.
4-He can read _____ write.
5-Selçuk can’t ski_____ he goes to Uludağ every winter.
Because- Because of
1-We couldn’t play football ______rain.
2-She didn’t go  to school ____she was ill.
3-I went to bed ____I was tired.
4-They came late _____the snow.
5-I can’t come with you ____I have a lot of homework.
Match the words with their meanings.
a-region                1-dengelemek
b-relationship       2-bölge
c-population          3-ilişki
d-resource            4-deprem
e-adult                  5-yetişkin
f-seed                  6-tohum
g-natural               7-kaynak
h-balance              8-nüfus
i-global warming    9-doğal
j-prey                            10-küresel ısınma
k-earthquake        11-av

Our beautiful country,Turkey, is rich in Fauna & Flora.
Fauna is all the animals of an area and Flora is all the plants of an area. All the animals and plants need each other and they balance the system of the world.
Rose-cat-palm tree-tiger-fish-bat-
apple tree-potato-parrot-banana-elephant
FLORA                           FAUNA
___________                ___________
___________                ___________
___________                ___________
___________                ___________
___________                ___________
Read and answer the questions.
Elephants are big animals. They weigh about 5000 kilos. They live in Africa and Asia. They eat grass,fruit and thin branches of the trees.They are strong. They can carry people on their backs. People hunt them for the ivory. They mustn’t hunt them because we can do without ivories in our homes. If we don’t buy ivories, people won’t hunt elephants.
1-Are they big or small animals?
2-How much do they weigh?
3-Where do thel live?
4-Are they in danger? Why?
5-What do they eat?

Write the Turkish meanings of the words.
Grow up:                         habitat:
Turn into:                       lay:
Go on:                             happen:
Destroy:                        balance:
Disturb:                         chrysalis:
Hatch:                            protect:
Prevent:                         species:
Weigh:                           environment:
Endangered:                   reptile:
Choose the best one.
1-We keep dogs for______.
a-getting milk       b-listening to their voices
c-protecting our homes    d-getting wool

2-These animals live only in hot places. They don’t want water all the time. They are___.
a-horses   b-donkeys    c-camels  d-cows

3-A__is a small and harmless reptile.
a-caterpillar   b-bee    c-parrot    d-fox

4-___can’t live without water and soil.
a-birds  b-pollution  c-computer   d-plants

5-Every animal has a certain ___to live in.
a-region   b-wing   c-pet    d-spider

6-Polar bears live in cold ______.
a-houses   b-zoos  c-climates  d-technology

7-Does this kind of plant __in hot weather?
a-touch    b-grow    c-wash    d-need

8-Human beings___the environment. Our children will have trouble in finding a place to live.(have trouble:sıkıntı çekmek)
a-destroy    b-recycle  c-explore   d-invent

9-A:___is an anaconda snake?
   B:About 11 m.
a-How long            b-How tall
c-How high            d-How many

10-A:____legs has a spider got?
     B: Eight, I think.
a-How old              b-How often
c-How much           d-How many

11-A:How ___a cheetah can run?
     B:100 km/h.
a-long   b-fast    c-tall    d-much

12-___it rains,we will cancel picnic.
a-While   b-If     c-So     d-But

13-İstanbul is ___than Ağrı.
a-the most beautiful  b-the more interesting
c-the most crowded   d-more crowded

14-If you ____ too much hamburgers,you ____fat.                 
a-will get / will get    b-will get/get
c-eat/will get            d-eat/will

15Human beings are the _____creatures on earth.
a-clever                         b-cleverer  
c-most cleverest            d-cleverest


1-__________the tallest animal.
2-__________the most poisonous animal.
3-__________the heaviest animal.
4-__________the smallest animal.
5-__________the fastest animal.
6-__________the wildest animal.
7-__________the noisiest animal.
8-__________the biggest animal.
9-__________the longest snake.
10-__________the slowest animal.

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