20 Haziran 2013 Perşembe


                       FIFTY GOOD FRIENDS

          Manuel Garcia had stomach cancer.The doctors told him,"You need chemotherapy to stop the cancer."
          Manuel went to the hospital for chemotherapy.Chemotherapy is strong medicine.After a few weeks of 
chemotherapy,Manuel's hair began to fall out.Soon he had no hair.
          Manuel was depressed.He felt strange without hair.He didn't want people to see him.
          One day Manuel's brother and three other relatives visited Manuel in the hospital.Manuel was surprised
when he saw them.They had no hair! "You shaved your heads!"Manuel said.Manuel began to laugh.The other men 
laughed,too."Please be quiet"the nurse said,but the nurse was smiling.
          When Manuel came home from the hospital,friends and relatives came to visit him."We want to shave our 
heads."they said."We want to look like you."Manuel shaved their heads.He also shaved his sons' heads.In one day 
he shaved fifty heads.Manuel's wife wanted to shave her head,too."No"said Manuel.
          At the hospital Manuel was depressed because he had no hair.Now he is not depressed."I'm ready for 
anything" he says.

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