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Used to Örnek Cümleler

  1. “I ________ play football when I was a child.”
a)    use to
b)    used
c)    used to
d)    did use to

  1. “Tom ________ slide when he was a little boy.”

a)    used did
b)    used to
c)    didn’t used to
d)    used

  1. Ece _______ cry a lot when she was a child but now she _______ .

a)    used to-don’t
b)    use to-doesn’t
c)    used to-is
d)    used to-doesn’t
                                                        before              now

  1. My sister  plays with her friends now but she _______ play with the dolls when she was a child.

a)    use to
b)    didn’t use to
c)    used to
d)    did used to

                                            before                       now

  1. A: _____ you _____ with your toys when you were a child?
      B: Yes,I did.

a)    did-used to playing
b)    did-use to played
c)    did-used to play
d)    did-use to play

stellaris easterbunny

  1. A: ______ Ali and Ahmet _______ fight when they were little boys?
      B: Yes,they did.
a)    did-used
b)    did-use
c)    did-used to
d)    did-use to

  1. My mother  and I _______  when I was a baby.
a)    use to swing
b)    used to swing
c)    use to swinging
d)    used to did swinging

  1. Madonna _________ be a ballet dancer many years ago but now she  _____ a singer.
a)    is-is
b)    used to –used to
c)    used to-is
d)    is-used to

  1. “I ________ with the drinking bottle when I was a baby but now I ______ from a glass.

a)    drink-drink
b)    use to drink-drinking
c)    did used to-drinking
d)    used to drink-drink

10. A: What did  your mother used to do when you lived in the country?
     B: __________________ .
a)    I used to go to cinema.
b)    We used to drink milk.
c)    She used to make yogurt.
d)    She used to clean the mother.

1c 2b 3d 4c 5d 6b 7b 8c 9d 10c 

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