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Must - Mustn't Cümle Örnekleri

We haven’t got much time. We must hurry.
*Don’t tell anyone what I said. You must keep it a secret.
*I have an exam tomorrow morning. I must get up early tomorrow.
*We must study hard to win the compatition.
*You are ill. If you want to get well soon, you must go to the doctor.
*I have plenty of things to do. I must go now.
*To be at school on time, I must catch the 8 o’clock bus.
*If you want to buy that new car, you must save money.
*If you want to visit the USA, you must have right visa
*If you know anything about robbery, you must go to the police.
*They are the doctor’s orders, you must stay in the bed until you are better.
*I haven’t been to the dentist in ages, I must go and have a check-up soon.
*If you drive your car at night, you must use your headlights. It is the law.
*We must punish drink-driving. – We must punish those who drink and drive.
*Students must have opportunity to visit other countries.
*I must remember to buy some milk today. Will you remind me later?
*He must get his hair cut before the interview. They don’t hire man with long hair.
*You must tidy your room. Our guests will be here soon.
*You must wash your face every morning.
*You must give place to old people on the bus.
Mustn’t —- Must’ın negatif halidir. 
*Sssht. It is an exam. You mustn’t talk.
*It is a suprise part for her, you mustn’t tell her about it.
*The baby is sleeping. You mustn’t shout.
*We mustn’t waist the energy.
*We mustn’t smoke in public.
*You mustn’t light fires in the forests.
*You mustn’t make noise in the library.
*You mustn’t cross the road in red lights.
*You mustn’t go without a helmet, if you go by a motorbike.
*I haven’t got lots of money, I mustn’t waste it.
*My mother gave me a present for my sister, I mustn’t forget to give him.
*Ali gave me a letter to post. I mustn’t forget to post it.

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