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     Together   to the Poles

Janek Mela is the youngest explorer to go to the North and south Poles.

     27th July, 2002, was the worst day of Janek Mela’s life. The Polish teenager had a terrible accident. He got an electric shock of 15,000 volts. His parents rushed him to hospital for an emergency operation. Doctors saved his life but they could not save his leg and his arm. Janek was very unhappy. He spent a long time in hospital. Then one day the Polish explorer, Marek Kaminski, visited him and talked about an expedition to the North and South Poles. Janek accepted the challenge.
     Months of treatment and preparation began. First, Janek learned to use his artificial arm and leg. Then he trained for the journeys. They called the expedition ‘Together to the Poles’ and they wanted to raise money for disabled people.
     Finally, his recovery was complete. The first expedition was top the North Pole. The 112-kilometre journey took twenty-one days. There were many problems, for example, cracks in the ice, polar bears and very bad weather. ‘It was really difficult, ‘says Janek, ‘but things got better.’ They reached the Pole on 24th April, 2004.
     In December, the team started the expedition to the South Pole. The main difficulty was the weather. There were storms, 200 kph winds and temperatures of minus 30˚C. On some days, they only walked four kilometers. For the Christmas celebration, they had traditional Polish dishes like ‘borsch’ (beetroot soup), and they made a Christmas tree of snow! They reached the Pole on 1st January, 2005.
     Janek did not just break a record. He showed incredible bravery and his achievement is truly great.
Now answer the following questions.

  1. How did Janek lose his arm and leg?

  1. Where did he meet Marek Kaminski?
  1. What did Janek do before the expedition?
  1. Who did they want to raise money for?
  1. Why was the expedition to the North Pole difficult?
  1. When did they get to the North Pole?
  1. What was the weather like on the second expedition?
  1. What food did they have at Christmas?

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