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İngilizce Oyun Tanıtımı - Körebe

İngilizce Körebe Oyunu
Blind man's bluff is a children's game, a variant of tag. Sometimes referred to as "blind man's buff", wherein the word buff is used in its obsolete sense of a small push, the game claims lineage as far back as the late Zhou Dynasty (circa 500 B.C.) and the Han Dynasty of ancient China

Blind man's bluff is played in a spacious area, such as outdoors or in a large room, in which one player, designated as "It", is blindfolded and gropes around attempting to touch the other players without being able to see them, while the other players scatter and try to avoid the person who is "it", hiding in plain sight and sometimes teasing them to make them change direction.

Blind man's bluff is ideally played in an area free of dangerous obstructions so that the "It" player will not suffer injury from tripping over or hitting something.

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