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Aşağıda verilen kişisel özellikleri uygun cümle ile eşleştiriniz.

friendly                   funny                              polite rude
generous               stingy                             have a good sense of humour
supportive             sensitive                        honest
kind                        encouragement              feel               reliable                                                                  in trouble                 laugh                            friendship         

1.   He is very                   to his teachers. He speaks politely with his teachers.
2.   Funny friends make you __________________________.
3.   True _______________________ is like a _____________________ flower, so you should treat your friends in a nice and kind way.
4.   Enes always gives ____________________ to his friends when they are in a difficult or unhappy situation.
5.    I ____________________ terrible today because I have got a headache.
6.    Mustafa is a ____________________ person. You can trust him.
7.    Ali is a supportive friend. If you are ___________________, you can phone him.

8.    My brother is very ______________________. He makes us laugh.
9.    All of my friends are ___________________ to their teachers. So their teachers like them.
10.     He is so _____________________ that he doesn’t help anybody. So everybody hates him.
11.     My friend always tells the truth and what he really thinks. He is an _______________________ friend.
12.     A true friend is ______________________ and helpful. They give you encouragement when you are in an unhappy situation.
13.     My father is very ______________________. He gives money to everybody.
14.     That man is so ______________________ that he doesn’t give any money to anybody.
 Necati is very good at understanding and making jokes. He _________________

Do you know the meaning?

1. Serious         ___ A person who is always clean and in good order
2. Brave           ___ A nice, generous person
3. Outgoing      ___ This kind of people don’t get afraid easily
4. Shy              ___ When you find someone attractive and irresistible, that person is...
5. Mean            ___ A person who is always disordered and dirty
6. Messy           ___ This person is timid and doesn’t feel good around other people
7. Interesting   ___ A bad person who likes doing bad things to other people
8. Boring        ___ This kind of people likes to have a lot of friends and enjoys going out
9. Neat            ___ You rarely see this kind of people smiling

10. Kind            ___ A monotonous person, that is always doing the same thing

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