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Bir Hayvanı İngilizce Olarak Tanıtma Ödevi

Penguins can't fly.
Thirty-thirty five years the average life of penguins.
Penguins one meter long, weight is between thirty and forty pounds.
Penguins swim very well.
Penguins live in groups.
Penguins are the short-tailed.
Consists of black and gray and white colors.
Penguins, squid and fish are fed.
Snow on top of my breasts in the registration may.
The average life expectancy of six and a half years, the penguins.
Penguins are covered with body hair short and frequent.
Both land and sea, you need to live in.

The horses live in the land.
Take a mammal is an animal.
is obedient to the owner of an animal at.
Forty-sixty-year lifespan is between.
Horses are a small head and short ears.
Black, white, brown, and have dun.
There are horses mane and tail.
Throw the baby is called a foal.
Male horses in the stallion, mare, she is called to.

They live under the soil infiltrator.
They live under the soil infiltrator.
The number of fingers is five.
They dug up the front with mole.
Mole mammal is an animal.
The eyes are very small mole.
Mole of the bristles are short and often.

Hyrax mammal is an animal
Are fed with grass and leaves
Countries of the Arabian Peninsula, eastern and southern Africa.
Thirty-cm and 70 cm in length, two - five pounds in weight
Incisors have
Rodent is an animal of the wild mice.
Has a short tail.
They live in herds.

The family cat.
Running is the fastest animal in the world.
They live on land.
There is a small head with sharp eyes.
There are mottled fur.
There is a cheetah's tail.
Cheetah 35 to 65 pounds in weight, 115-135 cm long

Its hometown is Afrika.
Zebra lives on land.
It looks like a horse, but it’s a bit smaller.
It has a short bunch of hair on its head and a small tail.
It is silver-white or yellowish-white with black stripes.
It’s about 1.5 meters, grass and other plants.

It lives in the mountains and tall trees. It also lives near large lakes.
It can be many different colours but is’s usually Brown or black.
It has got wings with light Brown feathers.
It has got a big beak and eats small animals.
It’s normally 1 meter tall.
It can weigh up to 4.5 kilıgrams.
It often eats mammals like mice and sometimes fish.

Kangaroos : two front teeth a marsupial of families.
The most striking common feature kagaroos the back legs than front legs, is big.
Kangurugiller is herbivorous.
kangaroos Australia ', the New Guinea' de, Tasmania ', and recently has also lived in the island.
The head is missing fingers on the back foot.
Heads are small and long.
It is the only animal that can not go backwards

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