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8.Sınıf İngilizce Genel Tekrar Testi Ve Cevapları

 1-       Aşağıdaki kelimelerden hangisi diğerlerinden farklıdır?
         a-) slim    b-).sincere  c-) beautiful  d-) medium-height

2-  Your friend isn’t good at Maths.She’s failed in the exam again.Advise her what to do.
           a-) You should use body care products.,
           b-) You should watch T.V. more often.
           c-) You should be careful and study harder.  
           d-) You should drive carefully.   

3- The students are very …… .They are playing ….…..       
           a-)quietly/silent        b-)quiet/silent
           c-)quiet/silently        d-)quietly/silently

4- The weather isn’t good enough to go on a picnic.
           a-) It’s too bad to go on a picnic.
           b-) It isn’t too bad to go on a picnic.
           c-) It’s good too to go on apicnic.
           d-) It isn’t good too to go on a picnic.

 5- Emily is poor.She can’t buy a new car.
            a-) She is enough rich to buy a new car.   
            b-) She is rich enough to buy a new car.  
            c-) She isn’t rich enough to buy a new car.  
            d-) She isn’t enough rich to buy a new car.

 6- This face cream … dry skin and moistures  your face.
            a-) destroys          b-) utilizes  
            c-) prevents          d-)scrubs
 7- Boşluğa gelebilecek en uygun seçenek hangisidir?
           B:I was studying English.
           a-) Where were you last night? 
           b-) What did you do last night ?
           c-) What time did you study English last night ? 
           d-) What were you doing last night?

 8- ………… I was studying my exam , my friend called         me  and invited me to cinema.
           a-) While     b-) What     c-) When    d-) Who

9- ………... were you going when I saw you yesterday?
           a-) What     b-) While     c-)When    d-) Where

10- Seeing an airplane in your dream …………. that you will solve your problems.        
         a-) answers   b-)means   c-)asks     d-) dreams
 11-Last night , while I … a very beautiful red car in my dream, the phone …….. and I ……….. up.
        a-).was driving/ring/wake   
        b-) was driving/rang/woke
        c-) drove/was ringing/was waking
        d-) drove/rang/woke

12- The thief wanted to steal my purse …….. I was shopping.
          a-) when      b-) what     c-) if          d-) while

13- While I was walking home , ………….
a-)  I found a wallet                
b-)  I saw a monster in my dream.
c-)  I ironed the clothes.            
d-)  I jumped in a pool full of my friends.

14- Aşağıdaki cümleleri en uygun şekilde anlatan seçenek hangisidir?
     “My father was watching T.V.
      I entered the room.”
a-)  My father was watching TV as I entered the room.              
b-)  I entered the room when my father was watching TV
c-)  My father was watching TV while I entered the room.                   
d-)  I entered the room while my father was watching T.V

15- My mother ………the window when she …….it
a-)  cleaned/was breaking              b-)  was cleaning/broke
c-)  was cleaning/was breaking      d-)  cleaned/broke

16-  Alice ………breakfast at that time yesterday morning.
a-)  had                                          b-) will have
c-)  was having                              d-)  have

17- Aşağida okunuşu verilmiş olan tarih seçeneği hangisidir?
       “August, the thirtieth”
a-)13th August                              b) August 13th
c) 30th August                              d) August 3rd

18- Aşağıda okunuşu verilmiş olan tarih seçeneği hangisidir?
       “Nineteen oh seven”
a-) 1719               b-)1917      c-)1907     d-) 1970
19- Aşağıda yazılışı verilmiş olan seçenek hangisidir?
     “22nd September”
  a-) the twenty-two of September
  b-) the second of September
  c-) the twentieth of September
  d-) the twenty-second of September

20- Aşağıda verilen ifadeyle ilgili olan seçenek hangisidir?
      “Republic Day”
 a-)19th May                        b-)29th  October  
 c-) 30th August                   d-) 23rd April

21- When did Atatürk open the Turkish Grand National Assembly?
a-) on 30th August               b-) on 29th  October  
c-) on 23rd April                   d-) on 19th May          

22-  M.Kemal Atatürk was the …. of the Turkish Republic.
a-)found                              b-) founder
c-)founded                          d-) find

23- Aşağıda verilen ifadeyle ilgili olan seçenek hangisidir?
       “Independence War”
a-) Çanakkale Savaşı         b-) I.Dünya Savaşı
c-) Kurtuluş Savaşı             d-) Trablursgarp Savaşı

24- While our ........... were fighting in the Aegean Region during the Independence War , they had lots of difficulties.
a-) soldiers                          b-) friends
c-) thives                             d-) monsters

25-30. soruları parçada bırakılan boşluklara uygun cevaplayınız.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk __________(25 )in 1881 and he died on November 10,1938.He was the founder and _______(26 ) of the Turkish Republic.Also,he was a great_________  (27). ______________(28) he went to Samsun and started the War of Independence.At the end of the August 10 ,the Turkish armies won their ultimate victory. In July 1923, the National Government_______________(29) the Lousanne Treaty with Great Britain ,France, Greece, Italy and the others. The treaty ___________(30) the complete independence of Turkish state.  

25- a-) born was                      b-)was born    
      c-) were born                     d-) born were

26- a-) the first embassador    b-) the first engineer 
      c-)  the first sultan             d-) the first president

27- a-) commander                  b-) enemy    
      c-) occupying power          d-) doctor

28- a-) On 19th May                  b-) On 30th August   
      c-) On 23rd April                 d-) On 29th October
29- a-)fighted    b-)signed      c-)attacked      d-)forced
30- a-)suffered  b-)withdrew  c-)pressurized d-)guaranteed

31- Aşağidaki seçeneklerden hangisi verilen cümleyle eşleştirilebilir?
     “Atatürk entered a military high school in 1893.”
a-) family                                 b-) academic career  
c-) personality                         d-) physical appearence

32- Aşağıdakilerden hangisi M.Kemal için söylenemez?
a-) He was determined.
b-) He was dedicated to his duties.
c-) He was a great lover of children.
d-) He was not a soldier.

33- Aşağıdaki kelimelerden hangisi anlam bakımından diğerlerinden farklıdır?
a-) freedom     b-) calm          c-) enemy       d-) justice

34- What’s the opposite meaning of  “war”?
a-) peace       b-) harmony     c-) force          d-) quiet

35-  A: What was Mary doing when the fire started?
       B: She …………. in the kitchen
a-)  cook        b-) cooked       c-) is cooking  d-) was cooking

36- What happened while you were playing tennis in the garden?
a-) It was raining                            b-) It is rainig
c-) It started to rain                        d-) It was rained

37-  Why didn’t you eat your meal?
a-) Because while I was  eating,I saw an insect in it.    
b-) Because when I was eating,I saw an insect in it.        
c-) Because I was seeing an insect while I ate.        
d-) Because I saw an insect in it when I was eating

38- The robbers ……… when security guards……...them .
a-) were escaping/were seeing     b-) escaped/were seeing             
c-) were escaping/saw                  d-)  escaped/seen

39- Somebody ……my bike while I was playing football.
a-) missed       b-) caught      c-) stole       d-) carried
40- What …. you …. when the accident happened?
a-) were/doing   b-) did/did c-) are/doing d-)do/do

41- Altı çizili sözcük grubunun sorusu hangisidr?
     “I was driving to home when the accident happened.”
a-)Where were you going?             b-) What were you doing?
c-)When did the accident happen? d-)What happened?

42- Altı çizili sözcük grubunun sorusu hangisidr?
   “When I arrived at the café,my friends were waiting for me”
a-) What were you doing?
b-) Why did you arrive at the café?
c-) Where were your friends waiting for you?.
d-) Who were waiting for you?

43- ……….. people should help poor people.
a-) Verbal    b-) Single             c-) Wealthy     d-) Suspect

44- I didn’t do anything wrong.I amn’t guilty , I’m …………

a-)  valuable     b-) evidence  c-innocent    d-happy

1b 2c 3c 4a 5c 6c

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