25 Mayıs 2013 Cumartesi

8.Sınıf İngilizce 5.Ünite Çalışma Soruları

1) Complete the sentences using the PAST CONTINUOUS of the verbs given. Put then in order according to the pictures.

a)     Diana and Jack __________________________ (dance) when the phone rang.
b)    They __________________________ (play) the guitar when she arrived.
c)     Frances __________________________ (listen) to the walkman when her friend arrived.
d)    She __________________________ (wash) her car when her neighbor got home.
e)     The painter __________________________ (paint) the wall when the bell rang.
f)     They __________________________ (eat) sandwiches when their dad opened the door.

2) Complete with  WHEN or WHILE.

a)     I was studying hard last night ___________ you were watching TV.
b)    They saw an accident ______________ they were going home last night.
c)     I was swimming _______________ you were riding your bike.
d)    Lucy was making a cake ______________ I arrived.

e)     Rachel was leaving home ______________ it started to rain.

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