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Name – Surname:

1- I get up _________.
a) at 8.00                    c) at Saturdays
b) on 21.00                 d) in 20.00

2- They are doctors. They ___________.
a) work in a shop          c) work in an office
b) work in a hospital     d) work in a school

3- _____is studying English now?  ___ is.
a) What / Ali               c)Where / Ali
b) Who / Ali               d) Why / Ali

4- What are they doing?
a) You are swimming.           
b) We are swimming.
c) She is swimming.
d) They are swimming.

5- The children ________ in the garden now.
a) play                         c) are playing 
b) plays                       d) is playing

6- Where / students / football / play / now?
a) Where the students play football now?
b) Where are the students playing football now?
c) Where are they plays football now?
d) Where the students now play football?

7- How many ____ are there on the table?
a) apple    b) glass     c) oranges     d) water

8- There _____ a bed in the classroom.
a) is         b) isn’t         c) are         d) aren’t

9- The weather ___ sunny and warm today.
a) be         b) being           c) is         d) are

10- You ____ do your homework every day.
a) are      b) must       c) mustn’t         d) have

11- often / Zeynep / in the kitchen / help her mother

a) Zeynep is often help her mother in the kitchen.
b) Zeynep help her mother in the kitchen often.
c) Zeynep in the kitchen helping her mother often.
d) Zeynep often helps her mother in the kitchen.

12- She ____ speak English but she ____ speak French.
a) can – can                c) is - can
b) can’t – can’t           d) can – can’t

13- Which one is the correct order of the frequency adverbs?

a) always / never / often / sometimes/ usually
b)usually / always / often / sometimes/ never
c) always / usually/ often / sometimes/ never
d) often / usually / sometimes / always/ never

14- Claire _____ English every evening.
a) like    b) study    c) is studying   d) studies

15- Tim ______ football in the school team tomorrow.
a) play                          c) plays
b) is going to play       d) playing

16- I am an English teacher.
a) I never speak English.
b) I always speak French.
c) I always speak English.
d) I always speak German.

17- ____ am Judy. ____ mother ____ forty years old.
a) she – her – is
b) I – her – are
c) I – my – are
d) I – my – is

18- We ____ draw on the desks.
a) must       b) mustn’t       c) are      d) aren’t

19- Has Peter got a dog?
a) Yes, I have.                        c) Yes, he has.
b) Yes, she has.          d) Yes, she have.

20-  ____ can’t you  drive a car?
       Because I am ____ young.
a) Why - too               c) When - too
b) What - very                        d) Who – very

21- He doesn’t study his lessons,______?
a) does you                 c) do he
b) doesn’t he              d) does he

22- We ______ in the class now.
a) is                 c) was
b) are               d) were

23- Where _____ you yesterday?
a) are               c)was
b) is                 d) were

24- There were some boks on the desk,________?

a)      were there
b)      were they
c)      weren’t there
d)     wasn’t there

25- Stan has got a cat, _______?

a)      has he
b)      haven’t you
c)      has she
d)     hasn’t he

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