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General test (7th class)


1)                         You ………………………….
                                     A) must turn right     B) mustn’t turn right
                                     C) mustn’t turn left   D) must turn left

2)                               We……………at the red light

    stop          A) must stop    B) must pass
              C) mustn't stop D) is stop
A) a chair is comfortable than an armchair.                 
B) an armchair is more comfortable than a chair.
C) a chair is more comfortable than an armchair.      
D) an armchair is more comfortable a chair.

4) KARS         ANTALYA
A) Kars is more cold than Antalya.                      
B) Antalya is more hot than Kars.
C) Kars is colder than Antalya.               
D) Antalya is colder than Kars.

5) My English is ............... your English
a)  better                     b)  gooder than
c)  better than              d)  the best

6) What time is it?      (06:15)
a)It is half past six.       b)It is quarter past six
C)It is quarter to six.     d)It is six o’clock

7)Sergen prefers ………….story to novel
a)read         b.)reads        c)to read        d.)reading

8) My car is blue. Their car is blue. My car is _____theirs.
a) as different as              b) the same as              
c) as same as                     d) different from

9)A cat is ___________________ an elephant.
a) as different as                   b) the same as
c) as same as                        d) different from

10) What is the matter with him? Boğaz ağrısı

a)He has got  a tootache                 b)He has got a headache

c)He has got a earache                   d)
He has got sore throat.

yellow:   12 000 £    black: 25 000£     red :18 000 £)

Black car is ______________of all
a)     Cheaper than             b) more expensive than
c)     The cheapest           d) the most expensive

12) A: ………  cheese is there in the fridge?
B: There is ….. cheese in the fridge.
a)How much / a few                c) How much / a little
b)How many / a few                 d) How many / a little

13)The weather is snowy in _________ .
a)spring        b)summer    c)winter        d)autumn

14) There isn’t_____ water in the bottle.
a) some      b) any         c) a few    d) a little

He prefers__________basketball to_____football
a)Playing—playing            b) to play----to play
c) play---play                  d) played----played

16) I can’t play computer games today……I have an exam tomorrow
a).and           b)but          c)because           d).so

I can't buy this car. It is………………..to buy it.
A) Too new              B) New enough
C) Too expensive     D) Expensive enough

18) You can't drive car. You aren't………to drive car.
A) Old enough     B) Enough old   C) Older          D)Too old

19)   I am thirsty             
         a)why don’t you sleep       
          b) why don’t you drink chicken
          c)why don’t you drink chicke
          d) why don’t you drink water

20)     I am ill
a) you should smoke              b)you should go to hospital
c)you should drink water      d)you should open the window

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