26 Nisan 2013 Cuma


So….that and Such……that

So + adjective + that
 Taner was so excited that he couldn’t sleep  last night.
Cinderella is so beautiful that Prince falls in love with her.

So+ adverb+that
You are walking so slowly that we will miss the meeting.
Our teacher speaks so fast that I can’t understand him.

 Such + adjective + noun + that
He spoke for such a long time that people began to fall asleep.                                   
They are such  careful students that they rarely make mistakes.
He writes with such great care that he rarely makes mistakes

Ferrari is such a car that everybody wants to have one.
It was such a question that nobody in the class could answer it.
 Bu yapılar Türkçe'ye "o ... kadar ki" şeklinde aktarılır ,bu cümleden sonra gelen cümle ‘ne olmuş/ne olur/ne olacak’sorusunun cevabını verir.

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